Alpha arbutin Powder

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100% Pure Alpha arbutin is a safe skin brightening ingredients which helps to fade scars and pigmentations left behind by breakouts and sun damage.

Medical research has proven that arbutin is very effective in treating pigmentations, age spots and it can also inhibit the negative effects of UV-radiation thanks to its sun protection properties.

Arbutin evens out skin tone and is also effective in treating acne scars. Some studies have also shown that arbutin (alpha arbutin) can help treating skin redness, also known as erythema.

Arbutin can also be combined with other skincare ingredients to maximize its efficacy, for example, with an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to exfoliate skin and facilitate its absorption of arbutin. When paired with Vitamin C, arbutin imparts even skin tone with improved radiance.

It gives whitening effect to your production

It is very effective and strong

It acts fast

It works for all skin types

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